About The Author

Sharan Kandhai always wanted to be active on the radio. As a small child he used to accompany his dad to the radiostudio (a pirate station in those days as there were no radiostations that played Hindi songs) and watched in amazement as his dad made his radioshows live. The songs his dad, Prakash Kandhai, played on his radioshows “YAADEIN” (a golden oldies show), “GULDASTA” (geet aur ghazal) and GUP SHUP (latest Bollywood songs) were the songs grew up listening to.

When he was 17 he was offered the chance to make his own radioshow (in Hindi ) and he did. His first radioshow was called “Naya Andaz” and was a half hour programme in which new film songs were played which were not played on the radio in The Netherlands in those times because the older generation played what they grew up on. His first radioshow was a live radioshow without any prior knowledge about the radio except what he had seen his dad do over the years.

Through the years Sharan Kandhai has made many radioshows as “BOLLYWOOD”, ” Hum Naujewan”, “Sun Sajna”, “Ashuiqana” , “Sharan and Shaesta” and many more. The last couple of years he has decided to slow down a bit and he makes his weekly radioshow for SunriseFM (The Netherlands) which is broadcast every Sunday at 10PM (Netherlands), 9PM (United Kingdom), 5PM (Surinam) and Monday 1.30AM (IST). The show can be heard on SunriseFM through the cable (in The Netherlands), 100.1FM (in Surinam) and worldwide through the SunriseFM app, tunein and online: sunrisefm.nl

Except for the show “AN EVENING WITH” which has a 10 episode season once every two years he makes the show “YAADEIN- A WALK THROUGH MEMORY LANE” in which golden oldies are played (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s songs), an occasional new film song (though very occasional), geet aur ghazals, bhajans, qawali’s, hindi pop, private album songs. What he has specialized in is to have some rare songs on his show which are sung by the greats (including his personal favourite – Kishore Kumar). An aspect he is appreciated for.


Having written movie reviews for a newspaper in The Netherlands starting in the 90’s he loves talking and writing about movies. Movies is one of his biggest hobbies. The first memory he can recollect (as he told this writer) was sitting in the cinemahall with his family and watching his screenidol – Amitabh Bachchan – in the movie Kabhi Kabhie.

The articles/blogs he writes on this website are about the movies he likes. It is not the usual review. Instead he tries to incorporate some information about the producers, directors, actors, music directors and singers who worked on that movie along with some anecdotes regarding the movie / artists involved.

Let’s enjoy some movie magic and maybe you will discover some hidden gems you might not have seen before.

Let the magic begin…