Surendra Mohan was a director who made quite a few films: some of them more successful then the other. He started his career as a director with the Rakesh Roshan – Simi Garewal film SEEMA (1971). The last film he directed was the comedy HONEYMOON (1992) which had the HENNA  stars Rishi Kapoor and Ashwini Bhave in the lead along with Varsha Usgaonkar. Kadar Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Bindu and Mohnish Behl were also in the cast and the film had some nice songs by Anand-Millind.

Rakesh Roshan was an actor who was not the most successful actor of that era but he wasn’t a bad actor at all.

He would go on to direct some movies which would become some of the biggest blockbusters (and some would not work).

But before Rakesh Roshan would start his career as a director (with the “Kane and Abel” inspired KHUDGARZ – 1987 – Jeetendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Govinda, Bhanu Priya, Amrita Singh, Neelam, Kiran Kumar and Sushma Seth) he would establish his own banner – FILMKRAFT. FILMKRAFT was one of my favourite banners and I would wait for a movie coming from this production house. I would wait impatiently because I liked the “indianess” in the movies, the stories (which were mostly based on Hollywood films), the productionvalues and last but not least the music and songs by one of my 2 all time favourite music directors – Rajesh Roshan (the other being R.D. Burman). And AAP KE DEEWANE was special regarding it’s music but more on that later.



The Amitabh Bachchan – Rishi Kapoor Jodi is one of the best ever! Though SHOLAY is my all time favourite film I like the Bachchan – Rishi Jodi more then the Amitabh-Dharmendra Jodi.  Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan were quite a good Jodi as well though they only did 3 movies together as lead actors (the 3rd one -this one- actually did not start out as a Rishi Kapoor – Rakesh Roshan vehicle. Though Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan had shared the screen in 2 big hits AAP KE DEEWANE -when announced- did not star these 2 actors together.

When FILMKRAFT announced their first venture the film was supposed to star Rakesh Roshan and Jeetendra in the lead roles. Shooting started but it just did not feel right. Though Rishi Kapoor Rakesh Roshan and Jeetendra were the best of friends in real life…

…somehow the magic did not happen between Jeetendra and Rakesh Roshan. And they were aware of this fact.  The bond between actors in those days and especially these three friends was that great that it was decided that Jeetendra would leave the movie and that Rishi Kapoor would step in Jeetendra’s shows for this movie. No hard feelings nor any hurt feeling. It was done in such harmony that Jeetendra made a special appearance in the movie for a song picturized on the three friends.

A gesture Rishi Kapoor would reciprocate when Rajesh Roshan would direct his first movie KHUDGARZ which had Jeetendra is the lead along with Shatrughan Sinha. It would be Rishi Kapoor who would make a special appearance in this movie when the song “Zindagi Ka Naam Dosti” would be picturized on him.

So the heroes were locked. After KHEL KHEL MEIN and JHOOTA KAHIN KA the two friends would star in the third outing together. Now the question came who could be the leading lady? Neetu Singh had been the leading lady in their previous two outings but by the time this movie was being shot Neetu Singh had become Neetu Kapoor and had quit films. (On a sidenote: it was Neetu Singh who decided she would stop working after marriage since she had been working in movies since she was a kid and acted in many movies under the name Baby Sonia. Including the movies Do Kaliyan, which had her in a double role and was a remake of Disney’s THE PARENT TRAP, the film WAARIS which had her as the (step-)sister of Jeetendra who would later become her hero in a few movies and the film DUS LAKH which was the debut of Baby Sonia (Neetu Singh) AND Babita who would both go on to marry the Kapoor brothers Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor.)

Tina Munim (another Dev Anand discovery) was selected as the leading lady of the film. Tina Munim (one of the few actresses who would be the leading lady of the three brothers : Randhir Kapoor -Harjaee and Pukar- and Rajeev Kapoor  -Aasmaan-) would make a great couple with Rishi Kapoor in movies like BADE DILWALA (1983), DEEDAAR-E-YAAR (1982), KAATILON KE KAATIL (1981) and their two best films KARZ (1980) and YEH VAADA RAHA (1982) –this last one will get it’s own article on this blog soon- started het association with Rishi Kapoor in this movie.

An actress was needed for a guest role in this movie. For that role an actress was selected who was one of the many actresses who was lucky enough to have started her career opposite Rishi Kapoor in a 1976 film by Pramod Chakrevotry – Shoma Anand. After this movie she would go on to be Rishi Kapoor’s leading lady in one more movie – Manmohan Desai’s COOLIE. COOLIE was the movie in which that Puneet Issar almost killed Amitabh Bachchan during the shooting of a fight sequence (though an accident)but still if “God” almost gets killed by someone a bhakt like me can’t be casual about it.

Now for the rest of the cast:

Like mentioned earlier Jeetendra made a special appearance in the movie during the title song. Ranjeet was the main villain and he did what he did best in those movies. Devan Verma was cast as the butler who had to please the two old men (more on those 2 in a moment). But there was another future actor who made a special appearance in the movie – Hrithik Roshan . he would be little Rakesh Roshan during a song in the movie (see last pic). Watch the clip of this song and watch the little kid on the bike. That’s Hrithik!

starting at 1 minute 52 for Hrithik Roshan

Now for the two scene stealers of AAP KE DEEWANE:

Pran and Ashok Kumar had been in many movies together. But after their outing in VICTORIA NO. 203 “AAP KE DEEWANE” is their best movie together. They both bring the house down as the men who are best friends in the movie and raise Tina Munim together but have a court case going on about the fact if Tina should have a Muslim or Hindu last name. Though Rishi Kapoor is a master at comedy and Rakesh Roshan is good too Pran and Ashok Kumar steal the show!

The Music

One highlight of all FILMKRAFT movies in those days was the soundtrack composed by the maestro Rajesh Roshan.  I have grown up listening to all music directors from C. Ramchandra, Hemant Kumar and Chitragupt to Kalyanji Anandji and Laxmikant Pyarelal, from Bappi Lahiri to Sajid Wajid. But the seeds of appreciation for Hindi film music were planted by 2 music directors who were, are and will always remain my all time favourite music directors : R.D. Burman and Rajesh Roshan.

In this movie all the songs are sung by Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Amit Kumar and Benny.

What is most special in this film are the duest by Kishore Kumar and Mohd. Rafi. Normally if there was a duet by these two greatest singers of all times it was one duet in a movie (especially for a two hero film). But in this film there are 6 songs and none of the songs are a solo of Kishore Kumar nor Mohd. Rafi. Four (4!!) of the songs are sung by Kishore Kumar AND Mohd. Rafi (some have Lata Mangeshkar as an addition) and 2 songs are sung by Mohd. Rafi and Amit Kumar (1 song has Lata Mangeshkar as an addition). And one just can’t say which of the 2 best friends – Kishore Kumar or Mohd. Rafi – is better. They showcase their talent and to say they do full justice to the songs would be akin to say that fire is hot, water is wet, the moon can be seen at night or Chunky Panday is one of the wordt actors ever!  This was the time when Rajesh Roshan’s music still had that Indianess and he wasn’t westernized yet (something that happened after Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai – which I think was the last of his great soundtracks).

Whenever I hear these songs I keep wondering: Why can’t we have singers like Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar in today’s times? Maybe today’s music would be a little more bearable…

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produced by     FILMKRAFT

directed by       Surendra Mohan

music by           Rajesh Roshan

singers              KISHORE KUMAR, Mohd. Rafi. Lata Mangeshkar, Amit Kumar and Benny

cast                   Rishi Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan, Tina Munim, Pran, Ashok Kumar, Devan Verma, Ranjeet and Shoma Anand

special appearance by Jeetendra and Hrithik Roshan



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